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Luther's World - Images

The images below are linked to the Renaissance Time Line - Important People on this website. The people on this page made significant contributions to art, music, literature, science, architecture, and the spiritual lives of people. 

Aldus of Venice

Anne of Cleves


Bellini-Baptism of Christ

Botticelli (Sondra Botticellii)

Botticelli-Mystical Nativity

Bramante  (Donato Bramante)

Bramante-Dome of St. Peter's-Rome

Calvin (John Calvin)

Colet (John Colet)

Correggio-The Adoration of the Sheperds

Council of Trent

DaVinci-Mona Lisa  (Leonardo DaVinci)

Durer-Adam and Eve

Durer-Four Apostles

Durer-The Little Passion

Durer-Self Portrait (Albrecht Durer)

Erasmus (Desiderius Erasmus)

Florence (Palazzo-Strozzi)


Henlen-First Watch (Peter Henlen)

Henry VII Chapel

Holbein-The Family of Thomas More

Knox (John Knox)

Lorenzo Lotto

Lotto-Allegory of Chastity

Lotto-Maiden's Dream

Lotto-Portrait of a Young Man

Lotto-Madonna with the Child and Saints


Maximilian I

Michelangelo  (Michelangelo Buonarroti)


More (Thomas More)

Pope Leo X

Raphael-Madonna di Casa

Raphael-Marriage of the Virgin

St. Francis of Xavier

St. Paul's Church-London



Titian-Gypsy Madonna

Titian-The Tribute Money

Westminster Abbey

Von Hutten (Ullrich Von Hutten)

Wolsey (Cardinal Thomas Wolsey)

Zwingli (Ulrich Zwingli)